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Hot Diggity Dog Party

Hot Diggity Dog Party

Who let the dogs out? Why, we did! It's time to throw a Hot Diggity Dog Party!


1) Forr a fair-like feel, add cotton candy, ice cream, and bobbing for apples.

2) Dollar store ketchup & mustard sets make for great place cards.

3) Bright yellow Ikea vases and dollar store place mats bring sunshine to the table.

4) Create a hot dog bar with fun toppings including a cobb dog (iceberg, avocado, blue cheese, bacon), reuben dog (sauerkraut, russian dressing, swiss), coney dog (chill, onions, mustard) and pizza dog (marinara, mozzarella, basil)

How do you top your dog?

Bandanas & baskets from the dollar store bring red hot heat to this weenie roast.

Fill dollar store popcorn containers with caramel corn.

Edible centerpiece.

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." -- Claude Monet

Get popping!

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