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Throw a Blazing Hot Firefighters Party

Throw a Blazing Hot Firefighters Party

The heat is on at this amazingly easy and fun Fireman Theme Party. Whether you're looking to create an inferno for the kids or are looking for a red-hot ladies night in, this smokin' party has you covered.


1) We lined the table with red brick craft paper from Michael's Craft Store.

2) At each place we put an Inferno drink, bottles that we got at the dollar store.

3) Have 'Fireman Sam' on the TV for the kids.

4) Stock up on blazing colors of tissue paper and sizzle. They make for easy, fiery placemats.

5) Raid the kids stuff for firetrucks, mini firemen and dalmatians.

6) Grab black licorice (hoses) and Hot Tamale candies.

A red-hot place setting for your fireman fest!  

Blaze a Trail.

A 4-alarm blaze.

Not-So-Hot Spot

All hail the Chief.

Here Kitty, Kitty.

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