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A Fun and Easy Lego Theme Party

A Fun and Easy Lego Theme Party

The instructions are simple and the pieces to build this creative Lego Party are right at your fingertips and under your feet, behind the sofa, in the toy box...get digging because by using the stuff your kids already have, you can throw this super fun and easy theme party.


1) The placemats were created from very inexpensive foam from Home Depot. Sold on a roll, we cut the foam into rectangles and you can also use it as a table runner.

2) Divide guests into teams and have a building contest.

3) If you're light on Lego, you can stock up on inexpensive building blocks at the dollar store (and send guests home with it!).

4) As we did, use the table as a gallery of some of the Lego creations your kids have already built.

Build the perfect place setting for a Lego Party.  

Need we say more?

Get Building!

All You Need is Love (and Lego).

Building Landmarks

Sittin' Under a Lego Tree

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