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A First Aid Doctor Theme Party

A First Aid Doctor Theme Party

Get ready to say 'Aah' because this Doctor Theme Party is all the medicine you need to have a great time - from the needles and pills to first aid kits and nurses, you'll get your MD in party planning after throwing this one. The Doctor is in!


1) At the dollar store get glass jars, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, lollipops, first aid kits, pill boxes, bandaids and needle pens.

2) Fill glass jars with doctor supplies and use red tape to create the Red Cross insignia on each jar.

3) We covered the table with red craft paper from Michael's Craft Store.

4) At each place, fill pill boxes with pills (aka Hot Tamales) and label each first aid kit with each guest's name.

5) Have 'Grey's Anatomy' on the TV.

A place setting perfect for all that ails you.  

I'd like a second opinion, please.

An apple a day...

Dem Bones


What a Pill!

Naughty Nurses

Our fingers are on the pulse.

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