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A Breakup Bash

A Breakup Bash

It might be your party and you can cry if you want to, but chances are you're going to be howling with laughter at this Breakup Theme Party - perfect for those who hate Valentine's Day or for those in need of a big love bite!


1) Raid your wine rack and line the table with wine bottles, the classic breakup drink.

2) From the dollar store, stock up on Kleenex boxes, cinnamon heart candies, black roses, lip pillows, red plastic glasses and plastic ball-and-chains.

3) Forget sweet red and white - wrap the table in a roll of black paper from Michael's Craft Store.

4) Have ice cream dishes at each place, along with a dollar store ice cream scoop with each guest's name.

5) Have 'War of the Roses' on the TV.

A Love Bites place setting  

Romance is Dead


A bed of (black) roses.

Change of Heart

Heart Broken

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