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How to Throw a Hockey Party

How to Throw a Hockey Party

Want to shoot AND score? Have the home ice advantage and throw this fun and easy Hockey Theme Party, complete with sticks, skates, pucks and trophies. This is one party you'll want to go into overtime!


1) This party required almost nothing be purchased - the jerseys on each chair, the trophies, pucks, hockey cards and foam finger what our boy already had in house.

2) The masks and mini hockey sticks were from the dollar store.

3) Around each place setting, scatter hockey cards - if you don't have them already, you can pick up packs at the dollar store.

4) Have one of the Mighty Ducks movies on the TV.

5) Create a penalty box for photo ops.

A game winning place setting.  

Lace Up

Tonights Starting Lineup

Game Time

Need 'em, Got 'em

Bringing home the hardware.

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