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A Carnival Party That

A Carnival Party That's a Prize!

That's right can bring the carnival to town! This easy, colorful and creative Carnival Party will leave your guests amazed as you transform your home into a funhouse.


1) To have the big tent feel,, we used Ikea red & white striped wrapping paper as a runner.

2) Dollar store hot dog & popcorn containers line the table.

3) Colorful candy-coated popcorn & lollipops look (and taste) great.

4) We created cones out of letter sized paper and then put dollar store cotton candy in each.

5) Place clowns, swirled lollipops, tickets and balloon animals throughout the table/house to add to the carnival atmosphere.

A prize-worthy carnival place setting.  

Popcorn That Pops!

Lick the Lolly

Clowning Around

Muscle Man?

Carny Party Animals

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