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An Under the Sea Theme Party

An Under the Sea Theme Party

Lookin' to make some waves? To have a whale-of-a-time? This fun and easy Under the Sea theme party is guaranteed to be off-the-hook!


1) We lined the table with ocean paper from Michael's Craft Store. We also found blue water beads and ship wheel cutouts at Michael's.

2) At the dollar store, stock up on small glass vases, swim goggles, glass beads and mermaid dolls.

3) Great additional touches on the table include seaweed (made out of shades of green tissue paper), goldfish-type crackers, plastic fish and toy divers.

4) Have 'The Little Mermaid,' 'Splash,' 'Jaws' or 'Finding Nemo' on the TV.

The perfect deep water place setting.  

Casting a wide net.

Jaws 2.0

Fish Out of Water

The Little Mermaids

Diving In

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