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Oatmeal Cookie Milkshake Recipe

Oatmeal Cookie Milkshake Recipe

This incredible Oatmeal Cookie Milkshake recipe takes traditional "cookies and milk" to all new heights - crunchy oatmeal cookies are blended with vanilla ice cream, milk and spices, resulting in a creamy, dreamy cookie shake.

Bite Me Bit

"Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshakes. Take their love."

-Wally Lamb, author


2 cups vanilla ice cream
½ cup whole milk
6 crunchy oatmeal cookies, crumbled
½ tsp vanilla extract
Pinch ground cinnamon
Pinch ground ginger

Caramel sauce, for garnish


In a blender, combine vanilla ice cream, milk, oatmeal cookies, vanilla extract, cinnamon and ginger blend until smooth. Garnish inside of milkshake glass with caramel sauce, pour in milkshake and serve immediately.

Serves 1

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