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Holiday: Top Entertaining Tips for Mother's Day

Holiday: Top Entertaining Tips for Mother's Day

Moms are the best- they carried us around for nine months and have cared for us ever since. What better way to celebrate them than a fabulous Mother's Day brunch? Here are our top entertaining tips to throw your Mom a much deserved celebration!

1) Fill your table with flowers Fresh flowers always smell the best, but to avoid putting a dent in your wallet, pick up some bright flowers from the Dollar Store.

2) Make this Mothers Day Menu
What is brunch without a fabulous menu? Whip up our personal Mother's Day favorites with this Mother's Day Menu!

3) Put on this Playlist
It isn't a party unless there's music. Jazz up your brunch with this happening Mother's Day Playlist!

4) Cover the Table in Grass
Don't worry- not real grass! Run to Home Depot and pick up some fake grass to cover the table with. This will make your Mother's Day Brunch feel like it's outdoors.....without the annoyance of those pesky bees!

5) Be Creative with the Place Setting
Adorn each place setting with a pack of seeds and mini terracotta pots from the dollar store with faux flowers and garden markers. This will truly give your table the 'outdoorsy' vibe you're looking for!

6) Make Fabulous Name Cards
Plant a little flower or herb in small planters, put each guest's name on the planter and you have a creative name card AND a loot bag for everyone to take home!