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How to Throw an Easy Hanukkah Party

How to Throw an Easy Hanukkah Party

The key to stress-free holiday entertaining is all in the planning. Being prepared and making your list of to-do's in advance will make your party planning feel effortless.

This year, we want to bring our friends and family together for a fun and memorable Hanukkah Party - think crispy latkes, chocolatey coins, jelly-filled donuts and magnificent menorahs. So we partnered with EVITE to help us get the party started. We used their Premium Invitation to bring our holiday to life because we love the colourful, hand-selected options. With fully customizable digital envelopes, stamps, and photo or text inserts, Premium Invitations are a fully customizable, ad-free experience for your guests -- and so much more than just an invitation.

Once we set the theme through our invitation we like to bring it to life with our party menu and decor. But fear-not! You don't need to break the bank to throw a memorable event. Head to the dollar store and follow these easy tips for party-planning perfection:

1) Want to make a DIY Hanukkah wreath? Buy a circular foam base, a package of blue and silver holiday ornaments and a package of dreidels. Whip out your trusty glue gun and starting with the bulbs, glue them to the base one-by-one until covered. Then fill in the gaps with the dreidels to finish the look. This is the perfect piece to hang on your door or use as the centrepiece on your holiday table.

2) At the dollar store, stock up on extra packages of gelt, mini blue and silver presents, dreidels and other great Hanukkah finds and use them to decorate your table to make it festive.

3) Create your own Hanukkah Menorah by purchasing little figurines (we used animals) at the dollar store, spray paint them blue, and using a glue gun affix candles to the tops of each figurine. A great focal point to gather everyone around during the party.

But wait.... what party is complete without a fabulous menu? You can't throw a Hanukkah Party without serving latkes. But here's a tip - skip the messy and greasy version and opt to make your latkes in a waffle maker instead.

Find the recipe for our Potato Latke Waffles HERE:

Want to include the traditional Jelly Donut on your menu? Change things up and try this decadent Jelly Donut Cake to wow your crowd instead.

Get the recipe here.

And to ensure you can enjoy the party WITH your guests and not get stuck in the kitchen, opt for a help-yourself buffet. Line your counter with kraft paper and keep it casual by writing the name of each item beside each serving dish. Now guests can help themselves while you mingle. And don't forget to do the same for your bar set up - make it easy so guest find everything they need to pour themselves something to drink. For a signature cocktail, stir up this Blue Menorah Martini:


1oz Blue Curaçao
1oz vodka
3oz lemonade
1tsp fresh lime juice


In a cocktail shaker filled halfway with ice, combine blue curaçao, vodka, lemonade and lime juice. Shake and strain into a martini glass.

Ready to get your party started? Head on to Evite, send a Premium invitation, and Evite will send you a promo code for free holiday cards!

This post was sponsored by Evite. The opinions are completely our own and based on our experience.