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Almond Joy Milkshake Recipe

Almond Joy Milkshake Recipe

We always feel like a nut, especially when we dream about this scrumptious Almond Joy Milkshake recipe. Much like the classic coconut candy bar that's coated in milk chocolate with almonds on top, this creamy coconut milkshake delivers the delicious confection-in-a-cup.

Bite Me Bit

"Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't."

-Almond Joy slogan


2 cups vanilla ice cream
1/3 cup roasted almonds
¼ cup chocolate syrup
¼ cup coconut milk

Flaked coconut, for garnish
Whipped cream, for garnish
Whole almond, for garnish


Using a blender, combine ice cream, almonds, chocolate syrup and coconut milk. Blend until smooth and pour into a milkshake glass.

Garnish with whipped cream, flaked coconut and top with an almond.

Serves 1

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