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Top 10: Healthy Baking Substitutes

Top 10: Healthy Baking Substitutes


The New Year is upon us, which means resolutions: eat healthier, work out more and spend more time with family and friends. Even though the best way to spend time with family and friends is over a good meal, or other delicious food, your other resolutions shouldn't suffer. Here are our top 10 healthy baking substitutes so you can have your cake, and eat it too (without feeling guilty).

1) Corn Syrup - Honey (1:1)
Honey is usually cleaner than processed corn syrup

2) Chocolate - Dark Chocolate (1:1)
Save sugar and increase your antioxidant intake by switching to dark chocolate chips instead of milk.

3) Shortening - Coconut Oil (1:1)
It is possible to swap out vegetable oil based shortenings for healthier coconut oil (for example: pie crust). Make sure the coconut oil is cold!

4) Sugar - Apple Sauce
Save on sugar by adding unsweetened apple sauce instead. For each cup, reduce other liquids in the recipe (like milk) by ¼ cup.

5) Sugar - Vanilla Extract
A splash of vanilla adds flavor and makes up for any lack of sweetness. Reduce the amount of sugar by half and add in vanilla instead. Start with a teaspoon and see what you think.

6) Sugar - Coconut Sugar (1:1)
Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index rating so it doesn't spike your blood sugar as badly

7) Vegetable Oil - Apple Sauce
Try a half/half combo of oil and unsweetened applesauce for a healthier muffin or loaf.

8) Butter - Mashed Banana
Watch your baking as using a banana might lessen the required cooking time.

9) Peanut Butter - Almond Butter
Go for the all natural almond butter instead of the sugar filled peanut butter.

10) White Flour - Almond Flour
Although heavier and less absorbent than traditional all-purpose flour, almond flour is a definite healthier option. Start by switching from 1 cup all-purpose to ¾ cup all-purpose, ¼ cup almond flour and a tsp baking powder.