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How to: Top 5 Coolest Summer Entertaining Tips

How to: Top 5 Coolest Summer Entertaining Tips

Here at Bite Me More, we're serving up the Top 5 Coolest Summer Entertaining Ideas that won't have you breaking a sweat.

1. Think Outside the Bowl

Get creative and scoop out watermelons, pineapples and melons and fill with your favorite fruit salads.

2. Cool Cubes

Freeze fruits and fresh herbs in ice for the most refreshing drink additions. Tip - use distilled water for the clearest cubes.

3. Uncork It

Beat the heat with these fantastic white wine cocktails.

Citrus Mint Sangria

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for the full recipe

4. Ice Ice Baby

Put your vodka on (and in) ice with these creative ways to keep it cold. Place bottle in a glass vase or empty 2L soda bottle (that has been trimmed, with the top third gone), surround with flowers, gummy bears, citrus fruit or berries and then add distilled water. Freeze until solid.

5. Drop It Like It's Hot

Watch as Julie and Lisa serve up more stellar summer entertaining tips.