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Top 10: Time-saving Tips in the Kitchen

Top 10: Time-saving Tips in the Kitchen

We're armed with shortcuts that'll help you go Mach 5 (that's Hypersonic fast) in the kitchen.

Here are our top 10 cooking tips for those with the need for speed:

1. Use your CITRUS GRATER to mince garlic.

2. Quickly bring EGGS to room temperature by placing them in a bowl of very warm water.

3. Slice OLIVES, MOZZARELLA & MUSHROOMS in an egg slicer.

4. Use a POTATO RICER to squeeze water out of cooked spinach.

5. Using NON-STICK COOKING SPRAY, lightly coat the feed tube, shredding disk and work bowl of your food processor before shredding cheese.

6. To remove fat from a soup or stew (when you can't wait for it to chill and congeal), drag a slice of BREAD across the surface of the liquid to soak up as much of the grease as possible.

7. Cut up CANNED TOMATOES quickly by snipping them right in the can with kitchen shears.

8. When a recipe calls for SIFTING, it also works to put all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir with a WHISK.

9. To CRUSH NUTS quickly, easily and tidily, place nuts in a resealable plastic bag and squash with a rolling pin.

10. A speedy and flawless way to SEPARATE EGGS whites and yolks is to crack them into a slotted spoon placed over a bowl.

There you have it, Ace. Fast and easy as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.